Audi quattro®: Technology That Even Snow Can’t Stop

The Audi USA video, Audi quattro: A Fighting Chance, shows viewers the full power of Audi quattro® in snow. Based on a true story, this video follows a physician named Dr. Mike, who chooses to make a perilous trip through… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Audi Cars at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

  Everyone knows that things change with time, but sometimes it can be fun to look back and see just how far technology has evolved. Audi Motorsport entered into the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the first time back… Continue Reading →

Watch the Audi A8’s Thrilling Performance in the Transporter Series

In the fast-paced film series Transporter, Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham, is a professional driver known as the Transporter. His job? To transport packages for money, no matter what the contents. Frank may work alone, but he has one… Continue Reading →

Audi Virtual Cockpit: The Display of the Future

You may have heard of the Audi virtual cockpit, but have you thought about what it means for the automotive industry as a whole? Cars have come a long way from where they used to be. Engines have upgraded fuel… Continue Reading →

The 2017 Audi R8: The Latest in a Long Line of Legendary Supercars

Since 2007, the Audi R8 has dominated in the world of endurance racing. In tribute to their well-known supercar’s lasting success, Audi decided to give the 2016 Audi R8 a little bit of time off. To begin, this videos follows… Continue Reading →

How to Feel Like You’re Driving a Winning Le Mans Car on the Road

Since the very first organized racing contest in 1887, it’s safe to say that both racing and technology have come a long way. Cars are smarter, drivers are better, and tracks are tougher. Every racing season brings an opportunity to… Continue Reading →

What You Want to Know About Audi’s Results at 24 Hours of Le Mans

Before we dive into the details of Audi’s results at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, we’ll provide a brief recap of the event itself. The Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency, aka the 24 Hours of Le Mans, is… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons People Are Shifting From Full-Size SUVs To Crossovers

As early as just a few years ago, everyone was rushing out to purchase a full-size SUV. “The bigger, the better,” many people thought. Well time changes, and so do people’s tastes. While monstrous cars like Suburbans and Explorers are… Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to Schedule Service at the Audi Asheville Service Center

In the past, maintaining your new or used Audi vehicles could be frustrating and inconvenient. Locating a service center that understands how to work on Audi cars might seem to be difficult in Western North Carolina. Not anymore! Discover these… Continue Reading →

How Audi Creates a New Driving Experience with e-tron®

Other hybrid vehicles are a half measure compared to Audi e-tron®. They offer car owners a chance at a tax credit and keep people away from the gas pump, but their real environmental impact is negligible. An e-tron® vehicle offers… Continue Reading →

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