A roadster like the Audi TT Coupe  is fun to drive along the winding roads of Asheville.

Sometimes, you need more than a regular roadster, though. Sometimes you need a car with an advanced powertrain, one that pushes beyond fun and reaches exhilarating new heights.

That’s when you need to drive an Audi TTS Coupe.

Extra power isn’t the only aspect of this car that deserves a mention. For all the finer details, here’s our review of Audi’s S-line roadster.

Building a better roadster, the Audi way.

You get a sense for how exciting the TTS is just by looking at it. Audi sets it apart from the base TT with reworked fascia on either end, 19-inch 5-spoke-blade wheels, and quad exhaust outlets – a dead giveaway to the kind of power waiting beneath the hood.

If you actually pop the hood on the TTS, it’s more difficult to differentiate. The TT has the same engine, but the TTS has been tuned to extract more power and torque. The exact specs are as follows:

  • Engine: 0L TFSI® turbocharged 4-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 292 hp
  • Torque: 280 lb.-ft.
  • Top Speed: 155 mph
  • Acceleration (0 – 60): 6 sec.

By comparison, the basic TT’s TFSI® only puts out 220 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque.

The TTS is equipped with the same 6-speed S tronic® dual-clutch transmission, and it wouldn’t be an Audi if we weren’t talking about quattro® all-wheel drive. Audi’s intelligent drivetrain comes standard in all of its models, providing extra traction and control on entry level cars while giving cars like this one a significant edge in performance. The combination of almost 300 horsepower and quattro® makes the TTS almost as fast going around a corner as it is in a straight line.

As a final touch, the TTS benefits from Audi magnetic ride suspension, for a ride that is smoother than the surface of Lake Lure on a calm day. All of the mechanical components come together to make this roadster a driving experience worthy of the S.

Performance is only half of the S story in an Audi. There’s also the necessary upgrades on the interior.

There’s a Launch Edition of the TTS that is a wonder to behold. Mythos Black exterior paint with Red Fine Nappa leather on the inside. It’s a contrast that is elegant, breathtaking, even romantic. What could be more fun than going for a drive in this car with someone special in the passenger seat?

The standard edition of the TTS is no less detailed on the inside. The 12-way power S sport seats are clad in leather and Alcantara®, and both front seats come with standard heating. Brushed aluminum decorative inlays bring the interior together.

Looking through the multifunction flat-bottom sport steering wheel, the driver sees Audi’s virtual cockpit, a system that made its debut on the new TT. It returns in the TTS with the same adaptability that shows you exactly the information you need at a given moment, whether that’s a map and directions, internal system data, or your choice of media.

The TTS can be personalized with a number of packages and options, including:

  • Technology package with MMI® navigation plus, Audi connect®, Audi side assist, Parking system plus, and rear view camera
  • Red brake callipers
  • Bang & Olufsen® Sound System
  • Fine Nappa leather interior with S embossing

For all the finery, we just keep coming back to how this car drives. You’ve never driven a roadster that responds the way the new TTS does. The slightest bit of pressure on the gas pedal has this car bursting forward, ready and eager to take the next corner. Turn the steering wheel and the car goes exactly where you expect it to.

We can appreciate that small cars aren’t for everyone, but when was the last time you got behind the wheel of one and really let loose?

If it’s been a while, maybe you should change that.