The Audi USA video, Audi quattro: A Fighting Chance, shows viewers the full power of Audi quattro® in snow. Based on a true story, this video follows a physician named Dr. Mike, who chooses to make a perilous trip through a blizzard to save a newborn baby girl in respiratory distress.

As the collecting snow rose from inches to feet, ambulances and other emergency vehicles were unable to travel. Medical staff feared nothing would be able to save the little girl.

Luckily, Dr. Mike was driving an Audi A4 with available quattro®.

Using Audi’s innovative all-wheel drive system, Dr. Mike was able to travel to the medical center and save baby Dorotea. Most passenger cars feature front-wheel drive and can’t get enough traction to drive in hazardous, snowy conditions. But quattro® delivers maximum power to all four wheels and intuitively sends power to the wheels with the most grip, providing maximum traction.

Dr. Mike believed in the prowess of quattro® and was able to save a life. While you may not need this capability in your day to day life, this legendary system is equally capable in other dangerous weather conditions.

The only way to fully understand the power of this all-wheel drive system is to experience it for yourself. Contact us at Audi Asheville to schedule a test drive.