In the fast-paced film series Transporter, Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham, is a professional driver known as the Transporter. His job? To transport packages for money, no matter what the contents.

Frank may work alone, but he has one of the most competent automotive sidekicks around — the Audi A8.

With the Audi logo gleaming in the sun, we can clearly see the prowess of the Audi A8 during a chase sequence with two Mercedes SUVs. The A8 smoothly completes complex drifts that leave the SUVs spun out and confused.

Frank and the A8 are a powerful team and continue to outmaneuver the Mercedes even after they’ve regained their footing. In a sequence of powerful shifts and tight handling, the 4.2L V8 engine roars as Frank weaves the A8 seamlessly in and out of oncoming traffic.

While the Audi A8 is a capable vehicle, these stunts were performed on a closed course by professional drivers and should not be attempted.

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As an Audi dealer near you, Audi Asheville has access to the latest A8 model. Fourteen years have gone by since the release of the first Transporter film, but the 2016 Audi A8 continues to impress. Two turbo engine options allow for improved performance, while quattro® all-wheel drives offers handling that even Frank Martin would be in awe of.

The A8 is an exclusive model, so it isn’t always available for a test drive at our store. You can request more information on this model or contact us with any questions. Feel free to check out our other Audi cars and SUVs for sale.