Winter weather means digging out your heavy coats and bringing in the patio furniture. But you shouldn’t forget to also winterize your car.

Audi recognizes the importance of bundling up and has a full lineup of winter accessories ready and waiting for its drivers. Here are some accessories that can help your Audi brave the storm.

The Best Audi Accessories for Winter Weather


There’s nothing like sitting in an Audi with an open road in front of you. But when that road is covered in snow, you may need to change out your wheels. A 17-inch wheel designed for winter conditions and compatible with snow chains is perfect for navigating whatever Old Man Winter throws your way.

Snowbrush and scraper

You probably won’t be using your sunroof or feeling the wind on your face in the dead of winter. So make sure you still have complete visibility by scraping away snow and ice with this snowbrush and scraper combo. Made of high-quality polycarbonate, the telescoping rod makes it easy to reach ice even on larger Audi models.

All-weather floor mats

You trudge through the snow to get to your Audi and when you finally climb inside, you track some of that snow right along with you. But the deep-ribbed channels on these floor mats capture snow and ice to protect your floor and carpeting from water damage.

Outdoor car cover

Your Audi should be protected from the elements not just while driving but also when it’s waiting for you. Keep the weather away with an outdoor Stormshield cover.

Ski and snowboard rack

Audi’s SUV lineup is perfect for hitting the slopes with all your ski friends. Transport up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards with this lockable and corrosion-resistant storage rack.

Snow chains

When snow tires just won’t do, you may need a little extra help getting where you need to be. The spring steel hoop on this set of snow chains make them easy to get on and off while making it easy for your Audi to combat a snow-covered road.

Accessorize at Audi Asheville

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